Author, composer and singer, Lucenzo, a french and portuguese descent, is a passionate of music, starting piano at 6 and singing at the age of 11. Today at 28, Lucenzo is a well-know Latino and Lusophone artist who bathed in the world of Kuduro & Reggaeton since his childwood.

His producer¬†Faouze Barkati¬†discovers this musical trend while traveling the world and decides to know more about this musical phenomenon created 25 years ago. With Fabrice Toigo, his second producer, Lucenzo creates a new and innovative style: the fusion of Angolan and Portuguese music, with songs in Portuguese, Spanish and English. The result is exceptional and gives birth to the Kuduro Dance Floor. The famous hit “Vem Danzar Kuduro” was created, directed and mixed by Lucenzo in Yanis Records Studio.

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